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About Us


HostStore is an industry-leading hosting provider, totally devoted to web and cloud professionals like you, we hosts websites and secure IT resources to businesses and private clients worldwide. HostStore was born from an entrepreneurial idea that quickly grew to become one of the largest hosting providers in the world. We operate with integrity, tenacity, we care about our Customers and we care about the World around us. This is never "just business" for us, it is our passion. We drive hard to be the best, recognizing where we can improve, never wanting to lose the mindset of a servant's heart.

Our mission is to connect clients with the tools they need to function on the Internet. We are committed to providing reliable high-quality service, support, and technology with a focus on the continuous growth and success of our customers.

We've always had a strong value system that stems from the mission we carry out each and every day. Quality, growth, innovation, community, and success drive us to provide positive customer experiences through high-quality products, support, and technology.


We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a high quality host by providing our customers with reliable hosting and positive experiences. Our expert-trained customer service and support team strives to provide the highest level of professional support 24/7.


We aspire to continue growing our business by recognizing and adapting to market changes and customer demands. We encourage our customers and employees to challenge themselves and grow with us as we internationalize and expand.


We know that innovative technology is important to our customers. We deliver the most reliability and security with the Multiplatform clustered server technology we developed. We aspire to always be the first web host to introduce new technologies and infrastructure.


We believe in building trust with our customers and partners through appreciation, empowerment and shared knowledge. We are committed to making an impact on society by taking action to reduce energy consumption and waste in our daily activities.


We sincerely believe that we can help our customers succeed. We aspire to provide our customers with the tools they need to achieve their professional and personal goals every day.

Our Datacenter

HostStore- Top Linux Host by Web Host Ranking
HostStore- Top Dedicated Host HostStore- Web Host Award Winner

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