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Increase your online transactions
by boosting customer confidence.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates provide a visual indicator that your website is legitimate and secure.

Recognized by 79% of U.S.
online shoppers

When consumer trust and online awareness are vital to the success of your business.

A balance between brand,
time and money

Quickly secure your website in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Creating trust online
Comodo offers a range of X.509 Digital Certificates to help with your fundamental requirements for security.

SSL Certificates FAQs:

Why Choose EV?

Give your customers the confidence to make their purchases online with EV SSL Certificates. Extended Validation triggers the display of the green address bar in high-security browsers.

It is every web user's worst nightmare: an online financial transaction that results in fraud or theft from the user's account.

The creation of digital certificates and SSL encryption keep web transactions secure and have had a myriad of benefits for the consumer as well as the retailer. But how do digital certificates work to keep our online transactions safe?

SSL certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer certificate. The digital certificates are installed on the server of a particular web site which runs off it. All digital certificates have a dual nature in that they are made up of two components based on SSL encryption: a public key which encrypts data and a private key that decrypts data. The security provided by SSL digital certificates exists because the code can only be decrypted when the private key is given to another party, and this only happens when that party is trusted.

Essentially digital certificates work by checking the validity of the certificate, then by means of encoding sensitive date and permitting the use of SSL encryption keys, passing the information from browser to server and back again.

While the main short-term benefit offered by SSL certificate providers is that a business' clients will not suffer from having sensitive date tampered with, there are some longer term benefits offered by the same SSL certificate providers. A business registered with SSL certificate providers will gain the reputation of being more trusted and will also benefit from a tag of legitimacy. This will make it more attractive to clients, both current and prospective.

You don't have to wait for your clients to spread the word either - signing up with trusted SSL certificate providers means you earn the right to display the seal on your site.

How does this translate into a boost to business? There are three ways that registering with trusted SSL certificate providers improves sales:

  • 1. An increase in visitor-to-sales conversions
  • 2. Lower shopping cart abandonment
  • 3. Larger than average purchases

Ultimately, any business that requires clients to part with sensitive financial or private information which could be regarded as valuable in any way, benefits from joining forces with SSL certificate providers.

What are the potential losses of not using SSL encryption to a businesses benefit? There is a loss of legitimacy and trust, and the resulting loss of immediate and long-term business, not to mention the damage to reputation or brand by a customer's bad experience.

Financial data, personal information, the exchange of sensitive information and private communication - SSL encryption allows the safe transmission of all of these from one place to another.

The ruthless and competitive nature of the web means that any opportunity to gain an advantage over a competitor must be taken, which might make SSL encryption the key you are looking for.

Cheap SSL certificates may be the answer for those on a budget. But not all packages offered by cheap SSL certificates are the same. It is wise to thoroughly check the credentials of the company offering you cheap SSL certificates before signing up, otherwise you risk a loss to your reputation and brand rather than the gains you expected via the cheap SSL certificates.

Visit for cheap SSL certificates that don't mean a loss in quality. We offer cheap SSL certificates in addition to our vast bank of knowledge, support and experience.

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