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Worldwide reseller packages

Super reseller packages with free dedicated SSL's, free one click installs on free and commercial scripts, sitebuilder, loads of extra's and a low cost domain registration.

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Reseller Specifications
Domains Unlimited
Accounts Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited
cPanels Unlimited
Enom Domain Reseller FREE
Website Templates FREE
Professional SiteBuilder™ FREE
One Click Installers Fantastico Deluxe
Integrated Control Panel cPanel / WHM
FREE Dedicated IP
24 / 7 Support
Reseller Control Panel
Billing Software
User Guides and Videos
100% White Label
PRIVATE Name Servers

100% Brandable

Our reseller solution is completely brandable so that your customers don't have to know it's through HostStore.

SSL's - 100% Profit

We'll give you as many dedicated SSL certificates and IP addresses as you want.

Free Scripts

With a huge amount of free and commercial scripts available for your customers to install at the click of a mouse we offer more than just an average reseller hosting package.

Fantastico DeLuxe allows you the ability to quickly install dozens of the leading open source content management systems.

Businesses who are looking for a solution to their web hosting or individuals looking for a new stream of income should consider reseller hosting.

But what does reseller hosting actually mean?

Reseller hosting is essentially a situation where the account owner (i.e. the owner of the server) leases a portion of their allotted hard drive and bandwidth to host other websites on the behalf of other businesses.

In other words, reseller hosting could be seen as the tenant of a house who sub-lets a room to another person. This might inspire questions of responsibility - does the tenant have a responsibility to fix a broken window in the room which is being sub-let or the landlord? How far does the responsibility go? We'll take a look at responsibility and the positive and negative aspects of reseller hosting in a minute, but let's first examine how web hosting resellers work and who might be web hosting reseller.

Firstly, it's possible to find reseller hosting in both dedicated server hosting and shared server hosting.

You might find that a web design firm or developer might double-up as a web hosting reseller.

Interestingly, you might find some individuals who are less technologically minded but very entrepreneurial being drawn to the business of web hosting reseller.

Why? For these simple reasons:

  • 1. Becoming a web hosting reseller is a relatively cheap way to start a company
  • 2. Becoming a web hosting reseller allows a new business the opportunity to brand itself and create pricing structures that work for them
  • 3. Becoming a web host reseller requires little technical knowledge because the initial server manager will take care of maintenance and not the web host reseller
  • 4. While the need for the web host reseller to advertise for business is huge, and the profits for the web host reseller can be minimal in the beginning, every single website online needs to be hosted, therefore the possibilities to a web host reseller are infinite

For users and the cheap hosting reseller alike, the availability of the web host reseller means affordability. This does not come at the cost of technical support, because while the cheap hosting reseller leases the site - or the room - the original host will be responsible for technical issues and maintenance - or any broken windows.

Convinced? Thought you might be. In case you were looking for even further financial benefits you might be wondering about the previously mentioned cheap hosting reseller.

At we can help the cheap hosting reseller while ensuring quality remains high and there is no loss of benefit. We offer super reseller packages with free dedicated SSL's, free one click installs on free and commercial scripts, a sitebuilder, lots of additional extras and - most importantly -a low cost domain registration.

The sky is the limit with's cheap hosting reseller accounts. Why not earn more money by creating your own hosting company? Check out our website and get in touch, we'll help you get on track to becoming a cheap hosting reseller!

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