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HostStore delivers unmatched network speed and capacity, which eliminates bandwidth traffic jams and roadblocks to assure instantaneous response to your hosted servers.

100% Network Uptime Isn't Wishful Thinking, It's A Guarantee

We are one of the few web hosting businesses to offer a true 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). That means your websites are guaranteed to be up and running, without fail, or you get significant credit for any downtime. And because our state-of-the-art data centers are fully redundant, our coast-to-coast network infrastructure provides superior connectivity with no single point of failure for the ultimate in performance and speed. As our experienced technical staff are constantly proactive, there is very little that happens beyond our control!

Our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee - Every aspect of our network makes it real:

We use the network only for our customers' hosting needs, never sharing it with telecom services or cable TV services that would negatively affect your service

The bandwidth we use is high performance bandwidth, which usually isn't the case with cheaper hosting providers.

To provide multiple redundancies in the flow of information to and from our data centers, we partner with three network providers.

Every fiber carrier must enter our data centers at separate points. This is to protect you from complete service failures caused by an unlikely network cut.

You get fast and reliable network connections because our Proactive Network Management methodology monitors route efficiency and end-user performance, automatically improving the network's topology and configuration in real-time.

We purposely underutilize the network, making it resilient to even the largest Internet routing issues.

The network's configuration, co-developed with Cisco, guards against any single points of failure at the shared network level. We even provide you with the option to extend it to your VLAN environment.

Cisco and Arbor Networks continually work with us, creating ever-improving ways of monitoring and securing our network.

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  • Juniper
  • APC
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