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HostStore offers an enormous range of enterprise-class dedicated servers that are fully customizable and expandable, designed to provide the highest degree of performance at an affordable price.

All servers are housed in our world-class premium data centers that are powered with Tier-1 network bandwidth. At HostStore we gurantee 100% network & SLA uptime on all of our dedicated hosting solutions.

In the communication age, the internet has become an essential part of our lives - both private and business. At home, we use the internet for everything from buying food to paying bills. For businesses, successful use of the internet can mean increased sales and a more powerful brand. Once a business or organisation has built its website, it needs find the means to upload content to the internet. Businesses have two choices when it comes to how they feed content to their sites. They can go for full-featured hosting services or limited or application specific hosting services. Within these two categories are even more choices (like dedicated hosting) - but today we are going to focus what is available within the full-featured hosting services.

Let's examine dedicated hosting service more closely.

Dedicated hosting (also referred to as dedicated server hosting or a managed hosting service) describes the situation whereby the hosting service provider owns, manages and then leases out the server to the business or organisation. They - the client - then have full control of what, when and how much content is uploaded, via dedicated server hosting, to their website.

The company who owns the dedicated server hosting facility (or dedicated web hosting facility) does not, however, wash their hands of upkeep and maintenance.

Signing up to dedicated web hosting means that your provider will have to do the following:

  • Monitor the server to ensure efficient running
  • Back up services
  • Install security patches
  • Offer technical support

If you're just getting into choosing a dedicated server, meaning you're a newbie in the game, then probably the best thing to do is to choose Windows dedicated servers instead of Linux dedicated servers to handle your business. As for Linux, cPanel dedicated servers are the preferred Linux dedicated server control panel, as well as Plesk dedicated servers.

Think dedicated web hosting sounds expensive? Well, before we look at the costs, let's examine the benefits of dedicated server hosting over any other type of server provider.

The Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

The benefits of dedicated web hosting are flexibility, potential lower overheads and higher return on investment, and of course, technical support and help with maintenance.

If you compare the benefits of dedicated web hosting over shared web hosting then the advantages of dedicated server hosting are clear: more stability (from not having to share software and applications uploaded by other users which you have no control over), more efficiency to your website (it is useful to measure the amount of business lost through the poor running of a website) and more control (with dedicated server hosting you can make changes yourself as quickly as you are able.)

Now you are convinced of the benefits of dedicated web hosting, you might be wondering if it is possible to find cheap dedicated servers. As with all technology, you are better off looking for a deal on some good quality equipment from a reliable supplier than getting poor quality cheap dedicated servers.

At HostStore we have found ways to give you a cheap dedicated server while ensuring quality remains high. We offer different levels of packages from Basic to Enterprise - this is one way to getting a cheap dedicated server. We also run deals with free set up and money off - this is another way to getting your hands on a cheap dedicated server. Why not check out our offers and get in touch, we'll help you get the best deal on a cheap dedicated server!

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