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Private Hosting

Private Web Hosting

Private web hosting is a method of specifying which part of virtual space on a server is used for a certain purpose or specific client. This kind of partitioning happens when a dedicated server is capable of hosting multiple clients and users. Partitioning the physical server into a number of various servers makes private hosting possible. Each private hosting server functions just like a dedicated server. The up side for the client is lower operating costs upfront. Virtual private hosting allows clients the chance to have their own dedicated space in the virtual world.

Take a look at some of our featured and most popular XEN VPS models:
Name RAM Hard Drive Price
1 Core - VPS Basic
512MB 20GB $15Buy now
2 Core - VPS Value
1GB 50GB $29Buy now
3 Core - VPS Premium
2.5GB 150GB $49Buy now
4 Core - VPS Ultimate
4GB 250GB $59Buy now

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Juniper
  • APC
  • Cisco
  • Raritan